Double Cherry

WEEK 21 • WEEK 22 • WEEK 23 • WEEK 24

Sketch of line-up and fabric swatches

Acrylic beading

Sequin suit jacket with red seed beaded bolt sample pinned 

Print developed from CD stacks in my teenage bedroom. Stacks have been layered, CDs recoloured and saturated to create red and pink tones.

WEEK 17 • WEEK 18 • WEEK 19 • WEEK 20

Acrylic lettered beads onto long pile faux fur, fused poly satin lining (reversed)

Acrylic beading onto long pile faux fur

Acrylic beading onto extra long 10cm pile faux fur reading "No thanks, I'm going to stay up here for a while"

Acrylic red lettering outlining a mundane diary entry

WEEK 13 • WEEK 14 • WEEK 15 • WEEK 16

Acrylic beads on faux leather

Lyrics from 'Chair' by Big Deal, acrylic lettering onto red faux leather

Red glass beads onto silver sequin mesh

Digital printed lettering onto cotton drill, red glass beading

Pattern cutting workshop with Shingo Sato (transformational reconstruction) creating double 3D box shape

Workshop with Shingo Sato (transformational reconstruction) draping with fabric onto 2D shapes